Skydiving for the First Time

Once you arrive at the drop zone you will be greeted by one of our professional staff. They are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we want you to be fully informed.

Featuring Nevada’s Largest Jump Aircraft, the PAC 750 XL

Las Vegas Skydiving Center features the PAC 750 XL aircraft! We only use cutting-edge brand new “SIGMA” parachute systems. This parachute system is very expensive. The quality of the equipment used plays a major role in your tandem jump experience. To help you understand what to expect, the following information will provide some insight as to how the whole process works to make your day one you will remember forever and have loads of fun to boot!

The Tandem Dive

Easy Explanations of the Dive

One of the first things you will do upon arrival at Las Vegas Skydiving Center is receive our pre-jump documentation package. Although every necessary precaution is taken to ensure your safety, there are inherent risks associated with skydiving and aviation related activities. In order to participate it is important you understand and acknowledge this.


Thanks to the nature of the tandem skydive the formal training required can be kept to a minimum as your personal tandem master will control the free-fall and the parachute decent. However, there are some information and rules that you need to be familiar with to help with the safe outcome of the jump. By educating you on what to expect in the airplane, how to hold your body during free-fall, and what to expect when the parachute opens, your fears can be eased and your fun maximized.


Gearing Up

When you arrive at the drop zone, you will be equipped with a jumpsuit, soft helmet, goggles and a harness. This will connect you to your instructor’s equipment prior to jumping. After being double-checked you will be led to the airplane and be prepared for takeoff.

Airplane Ride and Jump

As the plane lifts off, you can have pride in yourself knowing that you have made a commitment to face a challenge and embark on one of life’s truly special experiences. While you enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip, the pilot will be guiding the plane to our jump altitude over 3 miles above the earth. As jump time approaches, your instructor will give you one final check and secure you to the parachute system.

When the door finally opens to exit the aircraft, most of our students say their fears stay in the plane and their feelings they are indescribable!

For over 45 seconds falling at speeds in excess of 120 MPH, you will finally understand why the birds sing!


The Parachute Descent

You will find that the parachute opening and your adrenaline charged free-fall will transition into a quite peaceful parachute decent, where you and your instructor can talk and share the moment with you. During the five to seven minutes it takes to reach the ground your instructor can provide either a sedate gentle ride to the ground or a more radical roller coaster experience demonstrating spins and stalls as he skillfully takes you to our landing area.

After the Jump

Prior to your return home, you will receive your certificate of completion ready for framing. For those of you who are interested in watching the parachutes being re-packed or if you are just curious about taking classes, our staff will be on hand to assist you.

Accelerated Free-Fall Program

Once you experience skydiving you will more than likely want to do it again and again. We offer a training program that gives you the skills to jump solo, giving you complete control. For more information about our Accelerated Free-Fall Program or AFP, visit our sky diving school website by clicking here.